T H E  F I N A L  P U S H  |  E L  C A M I N O  H E A L T H



This was an extremely special and fulfilling spot where we followed the pregnancy journey of three expectant mothers. The main goal was to create something real, something, raw, and something honest. We wanted to show the beauty and the struggle, the beauty in the struggle.

Client: El Camino Health 
Agency: @sidlee_official 
Prod Company: @content_s_tv 
EP: Leslie Allen 
Head of Production: @dannyromerotaff
Line Producer: Kevin Hayes 
Production Coordinator: Rachel Dagdagan 
1st AD: Chile 
DP: @freddie_m_whitman 
Color: @dylanmhageman 
Edit/Sound: @gabrielgaurano 
Composer: @ethan.uno
1st AC: @mariovhernandez
2nd AC: @beans_leary
Gaffer: @xkitex
Key Grip: @lamarrcox
Swing: @connorgbenson
Art Director: Zach Lonas 
Art Assistant: Miles Backer 
HMU: Liz Fox
Wardrobe: True Park
PAs: Alejandro Morales, Thomas Kamakani, Briana Cardenas